Download UC Browser Downloader Video

Download UC Browser Downloader Video

Download UC Browser Downloader Video, UC is one of the most popular mobile browsers these days. It is reasonable if the number of users is increasing, because of mobile browsers this one is able to bring the experience of browsing in full as browsing on the desktop, but through a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. UC Browser is also famous because it is fairly fast in opening web pages, it can compress the page from the server as well as perform pre-load the web page behind the scenes.

UC Browser Downloader Video
Uc Browser
Uc Browser also has the ability to downloading the video directly, maybe also this one of the reasons why Uc Browser is browsing apps favorite.

How to use UC Browser very as very easy, as well as in the downloaded videos, download videos using UC Browser with the add-on features,

How to most easy and the most practical and fast to download videos in the UC Browser is a by using the program add-on. One of the features of the flagship UC Browser is the availability of an add-on platform that is complete, one of the programs and add-on available Video Downloader. With the add-on, we can easily download videos in the UC Browser.

It should be noted. The following way likely can only work in UC Browser version for full/regular, will not work on UC Browser lite version or mini. Make sure You are using UC Browser full version or regular before doing the following way. To get the UC Browser full version. you can download it HERE.

Note the steps below.
  • Open UC Browser, then look in the upper right corner of the box icon with the plus sign to open the list view the add-on has been installed. Click the symbol of a plus sign (" + ") that is located at the bottom of the list add-on in order to add a new add-on.
  • UC Browser will automatically do the loading first. After a while, a new page will be displayed with a list of all add-on available create a UC Browser. Find the Video Downloader, then tap the Install button on the right. A confirmation dialog box will be displayed, You simply press the OK button there.
  • Wait for the installation process is finished, now you're ready to download videos directly in UC Browser. Please go to the page of the video you wish to download. Wait a minute (You can pause the video while you wait) until a download button appears on the bar below the video. Press the download button to download the video. Video files will be stored on your device.
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For those of you who don't have the app Uc Web browser, see at the link below.

Download UC Browser Downloader Video

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